Redesign & Relaunch

December 15, 2019

I don’t get much traffic but I felt it was time to scrap my old site. It was built on a child theme but often felt directionless. I wrote about a lot of things but didn’t post my learnings as much so when I started a new job back in March, I scraped the site. A couple of months ago, I started a redesign and after poking at it for a while, here we are.


I’ve typically used WordPress for my personal site so I decided to go that route again. I thought about going headless with React but for now, I just wanted to get something up and running. The one tech choice I made was to use CSS Grid. Although this is a fairly simple site, 175 lines of CSS, I like how it looks.


My last redesign was hosted on Digital Ocean. At the time I wanted to just explore something besides the standard cPanel hosting. This time, I wanted to change it up again. I started hosting on FlyWheel, mostly to test out the Local service. I’ve had zero issues with the service and I’m a big fan. I don’t think I would change much here.

It’s a simple site, but one I hope to use to write and share more. I’ll add additional projects to the “My Work” page as time goes on, and hopefully add some cool lessons to help strengthen the web.

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