Complaining about censorship on social media platforms? Make a website.

Yesterday, Twitter banned Trump. The current President is no longer welcome to post on Twitter. He’s suspended from Facebook until the end of his term. I think he’s at least suspended from YouTube. Platforms have seen enough. They are throwing in the towel. Showing him the red card. 

If you dig around Twitter enough you’ll see comments like “this is censoring the President of the United States”, and “what ever happened to ‘free speech’?”. These are ridiculous arguments but here is the crazy thing…Trump could you know…make a website. Want to post crazy text? Make a blog. Want to post poorly edited videos? HTML5 has a video tag. Stupid graphics about how an election was allegedly stolen? Fine. Post images. 

I tend to be less harsh regarding platforms than others. I think Facebook is actually pretty cool and their engineers are doing some cool stuff. Twitter is a great tool to communicate with others (politely). YouTube is amazing. The fact content creators exist is awesome. However, let’s not forget that one can buy a domain name and web hosting and create their own feed. I check,,,,, daily. 

Social media sites are cool. I like them. I’m going to post this article to social media sites and that’s where probably about half the traffic is going to come from. That’s great! Generally speaking, I like “big tech”. However, I like having my own site too. I need to be better about posting to it. Note to self, redesign this site. 

For what it’s worth, I hope no one on team Trump figures out blogging. I think the world is better with less Trump. The social media platforms seem to understand that now. At least is website is down. 

Trump's down site